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"A house built by an Artist ... for the Artists !"

The Y-house is a one-stop location for Artists from the Cinematographic and Music Industries. Ideally located in the heart of Brussels (Place Flagey), this independent Concept House has been conceived to produce and accompany Artists.

Our primary goal is "Artistic" Production. We have developed two interconnected divisions in a single environment – consisting of : two production divisions, housing Phoenyx Films and Butterfly Music.

Driven by the desire to discover real talent, our in-house Producers organize Music and Film Workshops to accompany emerging talent to realize their full potential.

The Y-house aims to be a springboard from which Artists can take flight, by providing them with technical and creative support to ultimately access professional infrastructures.

Thanks to our established Partners and our wide professional network, we have the capacity to promote a variety of Artists on the international scene.

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."  —  T. Gyatso


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Starting in januari 2018 , the Y-house welcomes "FRENCH-SPEAKING" emerging Artists who have never had the opportunity to develop their artistic project. Our in-house Producers are here, ready to provide you with the keys to set up your own projects - to put you on the road to success. The Y-house will be producing 2 Artists who attended their workshops.


2017 081 1182Eternal optimist - I am an entrepreneur and artist. I always see the positive side of things. With my entrepreneur’s soul – I enjoy developping business and creating opportunities for passionate people who want to tell their own unique stories.


Owner / artistic director

2017 081 686Always Curious - I am a people’s person – and after a trip around the world, my mind opened up to new horizons! I am ready to embrace change and new challenges!


Production assistant

2017 081 150Rigorous Geek - I am hungry for knowledge and love finding solutions that I am eager to share! Self-motivated and autonomous – I have a reputation for being rigorous, dedicated, reliable


Film Producer - Phoenyx FILMS

2017 081 863Intuitive Explorer - I left my Hungarian roots to explore Belgium’s rich artistic life. I love Filming and Editing all kinds of artistic performances – from theatre, to film, from music video clip to dance – and beyond.


Film Editor

2017 081 596Studio-Lover - I can happily spend hours on a computer, producing and mixing music ! The Studio is where I feel most at home. I am a capable pianist and a confirmed coffee addict.


Senior Sound Engineer

2017 081 979Expert Teamplayer - I love teamwork and seeing dreams become reality. What other call “ obsessive about details” - I call “striving for excellence”. I am a dancer, too – so I can instinctively balance creativity and business.

Magaly De Prins

Communication & Strategic Consultant



We love people with integrity and passion – people like us, who will commit themselves to achieving their dreams and ambitions

High Quality

Less IS more! It is not a question of quantity – it is a question of quality! We believe in focussing on solid values that build and develop strong Partnerships and relationships.


well-being and happiness at work is one of our priorities.

Knowledge sharing

We firmly believe that the key to success is to share our passion and knowledge – this will enable us to grow together and achieve our goals.


Evolving in a multi-cultural society, it almost goes without saying that each of our projects is thought-through from an International perspective – one that always considers and respects people, cultures and the environment.


At work, the staff’s well-being is a priority. Whilst Management provides seasonal objectives, the real emphasis is simply providing the tools that allow everyone to take the initiative and can remain autonomous. Management stays in the background; aiming to get the best out of everyone, by giving them freedom to create.


Let’s create together and make it happen!

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