The story

2000 : A story always with a “Y”

Henry, with a "Y", met Magaly, with a "Y" – and our fondness for the letter “Y” was born.

2005-2009: My job – My passion!

Although I had a conventional job in business, during the day - I never stopped composing music and taking to the stage at night and on the weekends. I realize how difficult it is to make a living in the artistic world. I always hoped to meet someone that would share their knowledge and point me in the right direction.

2009: HenrY Bliss & The Sidewalkers: “LovelY PrettY DaY”

Dada Studios and Hébra Records label co-produced my first album “Lovely Pretty Day”. In consequence, my band toured and appeared on European stages throughout both France and the Netherlands. Whilst we started to gain a following and coverage on national radio, in the press and on television – all of the band members still had to continue working in their day jobs to ensure that they made a living. Despite some success – we had no financial security!

2010: The premise of RubYkub

I was stuck in my job, exhausted and on the edge of a burn out, when I decided to quit the routine and start to really concentrating on developing my artistic and business networks. At the same time, some of my music was chosen and used in advertising commercials for well-known Brands. I developed this opportunity and my first audio-visual partnership. This soon led to me composing original Music for TV shows, Documentaries and Films.

2011: LucY

During the recording of my second album ("Old StorY"), we welcomed the birth of my first daughter, named LucY. Wishing to wink at my passion, we chose her a musical reference: The Beatles hit ‘LucY in the Sky With Diamonds'! Since then - because her name and both her parents’ names, end with the letter ‘Y’… - we've been nicknamed "The Y-Clan".

2012 – RubYkub Productions

A twist of Film with a hint of Music”. In the following 2 years, I and my first associate produce films and radio commercials for more than 50 Brands.

2014: GabY

The Y-Clan expands – we welcome a second daughter, and she is named GabY – with a Y, of course! And she was also entitled to her musical reference: “Gaby oh Gaby” by Alain Bashung, an artist who inspires me a lot!

2014 - 2017: RubYkub Agency/Films/Music (SPRL)

The Agency motors on – creating original Film and Music that is well received in advertisement. The Agency goes from strength to strength - Nicolas Roisin (a former Communications Director at RTL-TVI) joins us and the Agency creates successful projects and relationships with Brands and Advertisers. We also start to diversify - we complete our first short film and compose the original music for feature films and commercials.

2017: RubYkub becomes The Y-house

More than an Agency, the Y-house is a unique place founded by an artist for the artists! Creating interconnectivity between our music and film production divisions and our support services, my mission makes more sense. In fact, I became the guy I wanted to meet over ten years ago with the aim to discover new talents, to create opportunities and to produce and accompany artists in the best possible way.


We’re currently working on several projects that will be in the spotlight very soon. Stay tuned!